Uniden BCD996P2 Review – Read Before Buying

If you love using a police scanner, then you should check out this mobile scanner from Uniden that is packed with a lot of useful features. The BCD996P2 is a compact police scanner that can be used in your home or in your car while driving.

With a standard design, this police scanner is aimed to be used by professionals. If you are looking to use a scanner without any previous knowledge, then you should stay away from it. If you are a professional or a person who wants to learn more about scanners, then this scanner from Uniden might be the scanner for your use.

Stay and read the entire post to find if this scanner suits you as we give an in-depth review of the BCD996P2 with its pros and cons.

Uniden BCD996P2 Digital Mobile TrunkTracker V Scanner, 25,000 Dynamically Allocated Channels, Close Call RF Capture Technology, 4-Line Alpha display, Base/Mobile Design, Phase 2, Location-Based Scanning


The BCD996P2 comes with a fairly attractive and modern design but it is not suitable for beginners. Best suited for professionals, the BCD996P2 is the only mobile police scanner that comes without any software or frequencies.

The physical dimension of this scanner measures at 11 x 3.8 x 8.5 inches along with a weight of 5.9 pounds, so it doesn’t take much of your space when placed indoors or in your car. The LED Backlit display present at the front of this device gives you detailed information with high visibility at any time of the day. You can choose the color of this display from seven different options with several signal adjustments for system/frequencies.

There is a USB port along with a 3.5 mm audio jack to connect this scanner with external devices. With a wide range of buttons like PRI, WX, GPS, MENU, & L/O present on the side, you can easily change control using this scanner. You can also control the volume and SQ easily with the help of dials present on the left side of this scanner.

All the buttons and knobs are easy to use. But they perform more than one operation, so as a beginner you might find difficulty using this scanner at first. Professional radio users will feel right at home with the design and functionalities of the Uniden BCD996P2 scanner.

Initial Programming

The Uniden BCD996P2 doesn’t come with any software initially, so you have to program it manually. You cannot program this scanner by using your zip code but there is a free programming software available on Uniden’s website from which you can download the software and use it on this device.

There are other good free and paid software available to download on this scanner. Freescan is a good free alternative to Uniden’s own software. The DMR Uniden software upgrade and NXDN software upgrade are paid updates that give you additional functionality to your scanner.

Features of Uniden BCD996P2

Band Scope Mode

The Band scope mode present in this scanner helps you to see the signal strength that is displayed as a bar graph on the display. Before you can use this feature, you should sort the critical channel programming. With the band scope mode, you can clearly see the strength of each signal of this scanner.

Advanced Dynamic Memory System

The advanced dynamic memory system present in this scanner is really a convenient feature. It helps you to switch over to different settings of this radio without any hassle.

NOAA Weather Transmission Support

This scanner has support for NOAA weather transmission, so you will get timely alerts about weather conditions while using it. This feature will really be useful when you are traveling with this scanner on your vehicle as you can always stay on top of weather reports.

25k Channel Support

With this scanner, you can choose any of the 25,000 dynamically allocated channels. It makes it easy for you to find the channels that work for your purposes. You won’t find other mobile police scanners that offer high channel support like this one.

System Number Tagging

With the System number tagging feature, you can easily navigate to different channels or frequencies with the tags that are assigned. Number tags can be assigned to channels, systems, service searches, and custom search ranges.

GPS Functionality

This scanner has support for GPS when it is connected to a GPS receiver. You will get location-based scanning and different location information with the use of a GPS receiver connected to it.

Priority Tracking

With the TrunkTracker V technology, you can track talkgroups if it is assigned as a priority. You can assign any talkgroups to the priority list and activate the priority scan anytime to automatically switch to it when the talkgroup becomes active. It works even if the scanner is already monitoring other active channels. Currently, this feature only works when monitoring Motorola devices.

Other Notable Features

  • You can set a delay of up to 30 seconds when scanning or searching using this scanner. You can also force the resume up to 10 seconds.
  • The Intermediate Frequency Exchange changes the IF of a selected channel/frequency to avoid image interference.
  • You can adjust the volume offset for each channel using the individual channel volume offset.
  • The control channel data output feature allows you to analyze the control data without the need for invasive modification to the scanner.
  • The close call RF capture technology present in this scanner is used to detect and provide information about nearby transmissions.
  • The Fire Tone-Out Standby feature alerts you if the two-tone sequential page is transmitted.


All the features present in the BCD996P2 mobile police scanner are similar to the 325-model scanner, so if you have already used that model, then you would feel familiar with this one. The basic functions of the scanner such as receiving unencrypted channels, other band signals, etc are performed well by this model. The signal reception/transmission by the stock antenna is decent with this scanner. The audio from this scanner has deep bass present and overall, the sound quality is okay. If you are a professional user, then you would certainly like using this radio. For beginners, we suggest you look elsewhere as this radio needs a bit of a learning curve.

Advantages of Uniden BCD996P2

  • This scanner makes it easy for you to mount on your vehicle. It comes with a mounting bracket and other hardwares that are required to mount it easily.
  • It gives you nearly 25,000 channels for you to choose from, so you have many options with this scanner.
  • It has full support for digital systems.
  • It features an advanced digital decoding system to make it incredibly powerful.
  • Made from metal, this scanner is highly durable.

Disadvantages of Uniden BCD996P2

  • It comes without any software and has to be downloaded separately for you to use it.
  • The advanced functionality and design make it difficult for beginners to use this scanner.

FAQs regarding Uniden BCD996P2 Review

Does it have a built-in GPS?

No. You should buy a GPS receiver separately to use with it.

Who should buy this scanner?

It is suitable for professionals scanners who are familiar with the amateur radios.

Where to download the programming software?

You can download the software from the Uniden’s website or from the FreeScan software.


The Uniden BCD996P2 is a great police scanner with a good design that will keep up with all your task. It even comes with mounting hardware to easily fit this in your car along with an AC power adapter, power cord, manual, USB cable, and three-wire harness that are included in the box. With a powerful feature set and design, this scanner from Uniden is the one to get by professionals for performing a wide range of applications.

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