Uniden BC75XLT Review (Police Scanner Review)

If you are looking for a decent police scanner that gives you a good amount of features for the price, then you should take a look at the Uniden BC75XLT model of the police scanner. A great choice for new users, this model from Uniden is a simple and easy-to-use scanner that retails for a pocket-friendly price.

The appearance and battery life are also decent with this model, but not all is great with this one. There are some drawbacks to this model that may affect the way you use it. To know if this model is right for you, read this entire post as we will see an in-depth review of the Uniden BC75XLT with its unique features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Physical Appearance

Like many other radios, the BC75XLT is a compact unit that comes in black color. It weighs about 14 oz with 1 x 5 x 3 inches in the physical dimension, so it can fit anywhere easily with its portable form. With an ergonomic design, this model will give you a great feel while holding and using it.

The plastic casing will not give you durability as high as a metal casing but it makes this model cheap and easy to carry. There are horizontal grooves carved on its side to hold it with a tight grip so it doesn’t fall easily.

The large LCD display will give you all the information you need on a scanner with buttons present below the screen to control this scanner. The LCD display also has a backlight feature for you to use it at the low-light condition. The soft-touch keyboard with buttons for hold, scan, search, and L/O makes this radio easy to use.

You get a decent amount of accessories such as a flexible BNC antenna, a belt clip, USBĀ  charging cable, programming software, and a user manual with this purchase of the police scanner.

Initial Programming

You should program this radio to include all your preferred channels before you take this scanner out for a spin. You can include channels from a list of up to 300 channels with this radio scanner, but you won’t need many channels in real use. This scanner gives you the option to program either manually or with the included software via PC.

If you are an experienced user, then you can program this radio manually to customize it to the way you want with all the necessary channels. But if you are new to programming, then you can use the software to program your radio. Programming the radio with the included software is much easier than manual programming, but it requires you to have a good programming cable to connect the radio to PC.

You can use the included manual or google the instructions to program this radio manually or with the help of the software. But you only have to program this radio once as the memory function present in this radio stores the channels that you program.

After you program this radio scanner, you are ready to start scanning with it.

Features that you get with the Uniden BC75XLT Radio Scanner

Close Call RF Capture

There are over 32000 frequencies that you can scan with this handheld radio, but it will be tough to scan all those frequencies manually. But with the Close Call RF Capture feature, this radio is able to automatically scan and tune it to the closest signal without using many resources. This feature is great to intercept close emergency service signals and security service signals. You can also use this feature to scan the hidden local signal to get the communications that are being relayed.

A small drawback with this feature is that the frequencies in the 800 MHz cannot be scanned with this radio scanner.

Multiple Channels

As explained, you get up to 300 different channels that can be programmed with this scanner. All the channels and the frequencies are customizable, so you can select the ones that you like with this radio from the huge list.

Quickly locating the service frequencies

The Uniden BC75XLT comes with ten pre-programmed bands that can be used to quickly search for local emergency services in your area. Police service channels, weather channels, and other emergency channels can be easily accessed with these bands. It saves you much time and effort in accessing these services.

Multiple ways of charging

With this scanner, you can either use two AA batteries or two rechargeable cells to give power. Unfortunately, this package doesn’t come with the batteries included. You need to separately buy the battery and use it with this device.

The rechargeable cell and the AA battery are easy to mount into the back of this radio and can be easily recharged with the included USB cable. We recommend that you use rechargeable cells as the main method of charging and the AA batteries as a backup.

You will get around 10 hours of use with the AA batteries and full-day use with the rechargeable cells. So the battery life is pretty decent with this radio scanner.

Uniden BC75XLT

Great Usability

From the initial setup to the actual scanning, this radio offers great usability. The initial setup is effortless even for new users with the help of the included user manual. The stock antenna is also decent and you will pick up a lot of RF chatter with it.

This antenna is ideal for scanning local police chatter and other emergency services. But you can extend the range of this radio by buying and using an advanced antenna. This radio has a BNC connector and is compatible with most of the antennas available in the market.

The speaker is great with this model. You will get a top-quality audio experience using the Uniden BC75XLT. The backlit LCD display doesn’t have a good viewing angle as the words become blur when you view it at an angle. But if you are looking at the display from a straight angle, you will see the words clearly. With buttons for different controls readily present on this radio, you will get great usability as a police scanner with this radio.


  • This radio has the support to monitor the NOAA weather channel to get real-time weather reports.
  • There is a battery low alert and battery save feature present with this device to extend the usage life.
  • It has a key lock with direct access to your preferred channel.
  • It is easy to set up and use.
  • This device has support for up to 300 channels and it comes with 100 pre-programmed bands.
  • It has decent battery life and gives you the option to charge it using two ways (AA battery or rechargeable cell).


  • The range that you get with the stock antenna could have been better.
  • The plastic build of this model makes it less durable than the metal build.
  • This device cannot monitor the transmission while it is charging.


You are getting a great police scanner with the purchase of Uniden BC75XLT. The light-weight design and easy-to-setup feature make it a great device for new users and experienced users alike to scan for police chatter. For a good price, you are getting a valuable radio scanner that comes with a lot of features. With minor drawbacks such as plastic build and average range, you won’t regret buying this capable radio scanner from Uniden.

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