Motorola XTR 446 Walkie Talkie is not Receiving/Transmitting

The Motorolla XTR 446 is a good two-way portable radio that works without you needing to spend much money. But sometimes you may come up with a problem where you can’t receive or transmit signals with the Motorolla XTR 446.

Reasons and Fix for the Transmit and Reception problem in Motorola XTR 446.

Before you start to troubleshoot your problems with the radio, you need to know for sure that your Motorola XTR 446 has a problem with transmission and reception. If the stuck icon on your radio has parenthesis around it, it means that your PTT (Push To Talk) button is depressed. The button may get stuck sometime and can cause this issue. You can solve this easily by making sure the PTT button is not depressed. If that is not the problem, then you can proceed with any of the following reasons and its fix.

Battery Problem

The signal problem which causes the transmission and reception to not work may arise if there is a problem with your battery. So you need to first check that your radio battery is in good condition and charged well. If the battery is working well, then the problem is with the radio. If it is not working, then your battery needs to be replaced. It is better to check your radio with another battery before replacing it, but you should replace it once you find any issue with your battery. Battery degradation is a common problem that happens in all chemical batteries. As you use your radio regularly by charging and discharging, the battery gets degraded. Once the degradation reaches a specific point, you should replace it to solve issues with it.

Programming Problem

The other common problem is with the programming and setting options on your radio. If the setting option is not properly set, then you’d have this issue. Also, if the radios in the communication are not on the same frequency channel, then problems may arise. So check the frequency channels too before resetting your setting and programming options. You should also make sure that the interference code eliminator is properly programmed for both the radio if the issue persists.

If the problems still persist in transmission/reception, then the final solution to remedy the issue with the programming and setting option is to do a total radio reset. You can reset your radio by pressing the volume buttons and the PTT button at the same time while you power on the device.

Antenna Problem

Problems with Antenna is also a common problem that causes an issue with radio transmission and reception. You can check with a different antenna to make sure that the problem exists with only the antenna part of your radio. If it does, then you have to buy a new antenna to remedy this issue.


If none of the above solutions work, then you should take your radio to an expert for fixing it. It will require some additional diagnosing and reprogramming to fix it. You can too do advanced reprogramming if you have the knowledge, and you read through user manual. But it is best for normal consumers to leave this stuff to the technician. Hope this post helps you in recovering the issue persisting with your Motorola XTR 446 Radio.

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