Motorola T600 vs T605 Comparison & Review

The T600 and T605 are some of the excellent portable radios from Motorola. They share most of the features between them and yet there is a difference in the model name. Just by looking at the model name, you might be tempted to buy the T605 instead of T600 as it has a higher model number.

Yes, the T605 does have something extra when compared to the T600, but you should not buy it solely on the model name. You should find out all the differences between these two models and get the one that suits your need. In this post, let us compare these two models and find out the difference between them to know if it suits you.

Specifications of T600 and T605

Frequency Band and Range – GMRS, FRS & 462-467 MHz for both the T600 and T605

Number of Channels and Communication Range – 22 & 35 miles for both the T600 and T605

Dimension – 7.5 x 2.25 x 1.25 inches in HxWxD for T600 & 7.78 x 2.4 x 1.5 inches in HxWxD for T605

Weight – Both weigh the same of 244 grams.

Battery Type and Life – NiMH rechargeable battery with 23 hours of life for both the models.

Features – Built-in flashlight, Vibrating alert, red LED display, low battery alert, 20 call tones, NOAA weather alert for T600. Vibrating alert, Talk confirmation tone, water-proof design, 11 weather channel plus NOAA weather alert, low battery alert for T605.

Accessories Included in the Box – 2 belt clips, Power Adapter, dual micro-USB connectors for T600. A carry case, dual earbuds with push-to-talk buttons, car charging adapter, 2 belt clips, and 2 micro-USB wall charging cables for T605.

Mototrola Solutions T605 Talkabout 2 Pack Bundle: Electronics


Both the T600 and T605 look the same, so you won’t notice any difference between these two models by just looking at them. Being the same in design doesn’t mean they are bad, but they are well-designed so there is no need for any improvements.

The radios come in the standard black color, but with an olive green outer casing to make it look spectacular. The olive green color of these radio makes them unique and easily identifiable from distance and in poor light conditions. Because of its rugged design, both these models are made to use in extreme situations like skiing, mountaineering, hiking, hunting, and more.

They can also be used in and around water without any fear as they are waterproof.

Common Features between T600 and T605

IP67 Water Rating

With the IP67 water rating, both these devices can be used in snow, rainfall, and dust. They are designed to work in these conditions, so you can take them anywhere on your next adventure. These models can also be submerged in water for 30 minutes without any problems arising with them.

It means that these radios will work even if it falls in the river or other water bodies on your next trip. Even if it falls into water, you don’t have to worry about it submerging. These models of radio from Motorola are designed to float in water, so you can easily recover them even if it falls in the water.

With all these resistance features, you can take any of the models (T600 or T605) on your next adventure without any worries.

Dual-Band with 22 Channels

As mentioned in the specifications, most of the communication features between these two models are the same. They come with GMRS and FRS channels with a full set of 22 communication channels. The communication range is the same between them coming in at 462 – 467 MHz.

There are also 121 privacy codes with a total of 266 sub-channels to choose between them. With these channels, the T600 & T605 helps you to find frequencies easily and also makes it hard for anyone to eavesdrop on these channels.

With reliable communication and privacy features, you can pick any model from Motorola on your trip and have a reliable & private conversation with your partner.

Built-in Flashlight with dual-LED

Both models have a built-in flashlight for emergencies, but they do also come with dual LEDs in the flashlight. The flashlight of these models come with both the red and white color LED. You can use the white LED for just about anything you can imagine like signaling your partner, finding objects at night, etc.

The red LED comes useful at night as it is great for preserving night. Using a white LED at night would blind a person temporarily, so you can use the red LED at these times. The most awesome feature with the LED light of the models is that they activate when it comes in contact with water.

It is useful when these models are accidentally dropped in water. You can find them easily in the water with the LED flash automatically activated.

The dual-LED feature is really useful when it comes to adventure trips like hiking, skiing, fishing, camping, etc.

Battery Life

Both these models come with dual power options for recharging. You can either use 3 AA battery for powering this or recharge the built-in NiMH battery via the micro USB port. While using the 3 AA battery, you will get around 23 hours of battery life from both these devices. For the built-in NiMH battery, you will get around 9 hours for these models.

Even in battery life, there is no significant difference between the T600 and T605.

Though they won’t give you the industry best in battery life, you get a decent amount of battery with either of these models.

Other Features

Other similar features between T600 and T605 are the cross-brand compatibility, PTT power boost, and Hands-free option. With the cross-brand compatibility feature, you can communicate with other radios compatible with GMRS/FRS.

The PTT(Push-to-Talk) power boost option comes in handy when you need to extend the transmission range during the communication but this option takes up more of the battery life. They are also equipped with VOX/iVOX, so you can activate these radios and communicate with your partner with just your voice.

This hands-free option gives you the freedom to do other tasks with your hand. There is also an emergency alert button, VibraCall alert, and weather channel alerts that you get with either of these models.

Motorola T600 vs T605 (Comparison Review) - Talkie Man

Difference Between the T600 and T605

When it comes to the design, feature, and functionality of these two radios, there is no difference. In essence, both these radios are exactly the same. So why they get the different model numbers and what do you get with T605 for the extra price?

The T600 and T605 differ in the included accessories that you get with them. You get two more accessories if you purchase T605 instead of the T600. They are the carrying case and the car charger accessory.

The T605 comes with a carrying case that you can use it for carrying your radio along with the battery and other accessories. You can also use this carrying bag to carry other accessories that is not related to the radio. Though it may not seem much, the carrying case helps you to arrange your radio and its accessories, so you won’t have to find them separately when you are unpacking.

The other accessory that you get with the T605 is the car charger. With this, you can charge your T605 in your car using the cigarette port. This accessory will be really useful if you travel more in your car as you can easily charge your radio during the trip.

is T605 better than T600?

NO. The T600 and T605 are essentially the same radio with a few more accessories included with the T605. Those accessories(car charger & carry pack) can be easily bought from a third-party seller at a lower rate, so you are not missing anything by choosing the T600. You can buy the T600, save a few bucks, and use it without any regrets.


As the model number is different but the features are the same, it may be difficult to find the differences between the T600 and T605 radios. Both these models are good radios, but the thing is that you are not getting anything extraordinary by choosing the T605. We hope our article helps you in choosing your next radio between the T600 and T605 from Motorola.

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