Motorola T600 Review (H20 Two-Way Talkabout)

The T600 Model from Motorola is a two-way pair radio headsets that come with a lot of features. With a waterproof body and durable design, this two-way radio is one of the best devices to take out on your next adventure without any worries. Not only the design is durable, but this two-way radio also comes with a lot of functionalities that will be detailed in this post. So if you are in the market for a two-way radio or looking to buy this device from Motorola, then you are advised to read this review before you make your purchase.

Motorola T600 Talkabout Radio, 2 Pack

Review of Motorola T600


The two-way T600 radio model from Motorola has a very distinct look. The body is made of bright neon colored plastic, so it will have a unique look and can be easily identified from a distance. The green-colored outer panel with the black colored inner panel of this device will be hard to miss even from a distance. The plastic build of this device makes it highly durable. The thick plastic casing oof the T600 will be hard to break. This device also has an IP67 rating, so you can leave your worries about using it near a water body as it is waterproof. You can sink this device in water for 30 minutes without any damage to it. There is also a variety of buttons and controls present on the front and side of this device like Push-to-talk, volume control, flashlight control, etc. You also get a removable belt clip that you can use to attach this radio. This belt also functions as a whistle, so you can use it during emergency time.

The physical dimension of this radio is a bit big coming at 2.5 x 1.5 x 7.5 inches. This radio has a decent amount of weight to it at 238 grams.

Transmission Range

The Motorola T600 has a better range than many other radios in its category. If there is no obstruction and if you are in a perfect condition, then this radio can transmit signals up to 36 miles. Like other devices, this range gets reduced when there are obstructions. You can expect this device to transmit more than a couple of devices in regular conditions.

PTT (Push-to-Talk) Functionality

The T600 radio also features the PTT button, so you can use it to transmit messages easily. The PTT button has two modes (high and low half). This two-mode allows you to transmit signals in either 0.5 or two watts of power. The two-watts transmission consumes more battery while giving you a better range while the 0.5-watt mode is the exact opposite. You can choose any of these modes depending upon your battery life. This split button design of PTT functionality present in this radio helps you to make a call of your choice (battery saving or high transmission performance).

Battery Life

The T600 has support for both the inbuilt battery and AA batteries, so you have options for charging this model. The inbuilt battery gives you about 11 hours of battery. If you run out of the inbuilt battery, then you can use the AA batteries to power this model. In this way, you get a good battery life out of this radio.

Using the radio

The T600 two-way radio is easy to use as it offers buttons and knobs for quickly adjusting various settings of this radio. You can adjust volume, channel, privacy codes, and more with the buttons. Even if you are new to using the radio, you can easily figure out to work with this radio in just a couple of hours. The PTT button is located at the side of this radio, making it easy to use the PTT feature while operating this radio. You can send and receive messages with the PTT button easily. Overall, the design and interface make it really easy to operate the T600 model.


As said, the T600 radio has high durability. It offers good resistance against water as it is IP67 certifies. This model is designed to float in water, so you can easily recover it when you accidentally drop it in water. It also automatically flashes the light when it is dropped in water, making it easy for you to find it. The hard plastic casing of this radio gives it good resistance against wear and tear. You will get a long life with this model as long as you don’t break it intentionally.

Other Notable features

  1. It comes with an emergency alert feature that emits siren when it is activated. The siren is followed by a transmission of 20 seconds.
  2. You get access to 11 weather channels and receive weather alerts. With this feature, you can plan your trip according to the local weather.
  3. There are two tones of flashlight present with this radio. The white tone flashlight is the standard one that you get with all the radio. In addition to it, you get a red flashlight. You can use the red flash at night to preserve the night vision.
  4. You also get VOX functionality with this one. It allows you to use this radio without holding it in your hands, making it a valuable feature of hikers, bikers, and more. You can use this radio while performing other things with your hands using this feature.
  5. There are 20 different call tones with this radio, and you can customize these tones to have a unique “end of transmission” tone to alert the receiver.


  • The T600 comes is a waterproof model with a certified rating.
  • It has a dual power source (in-built battery and AA batteries).
  • It can float in water, so it can be easily recovered.
  • This model is easy to use and compatible with other radios.


  • The physical size is a bit big.


The T600 two-way radio has a lot to offer for a good price. You get a uniquely designed radio with high durability with this purchase. This model has all the basic radio features along with some unique features of its own like dual power source, split PTT button, and a dual flashlight. With all these valuable features present in the T600 model, you will find it easy to like this two-way radio from Motorola.



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