Midland GXT1000VP4 Review [GMRS Two Way Radio]

Two-way radios are still popular among enthusiasts and normal customers alike as they offer a reliable way of communication. Midland is a market leader in the two-way radio segment and the GXT1000VP4 two-way model from Midland is a great device that has a ton of useful features.

The GXT1000VP4 is a premium two-way radio that has features to justify its price. But all the features and the hefty price may not be suitable for your need. In this post, let us see the complete review of the Midland GXT1000VP4 portable two-way radio with its pros and cons, so you can decide whether you should buy it.

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Midland GXT1000VP4 Review

Physical Appearance

Made of durable plastic, the Midland GXT1000VP4 is a quality device that will give you long life as it can handle beating. The physical size of this model is quite large coming at 8 inches in height with the antenna. The weight too is a bit hefty at 7.4 ounces.

Using this device will definitely feel bulky especially if you are coming from a lightweight model. But if you keep it in your belt clip or backpack, you won’t notice any weight.

The headphone and microphone ports are covered by flaps, so this device has a decent weather-resistant capability. The plastic screen is quite large with clear words, so you won’t find any difficulty reading from this device. All the buttons that you would expect on the radio are present on the front of this display except for the PTT button, which is present on the side.

The buttons give you control over various functions such as scan, navigation, direct call, SOS siren, and more. A volume and power knob is also present for easy access.

With this buy, you will get a pair of GXT1000VP4 radio, user manual, belt clips, mic headsets, rechargeable batteries, dual-desktop charger, and adapters. You are getting a decent amount of accessories with this purchase.

Initial Setup

To start the device, you have to insert the battery into it by removing the locking mechanism present at the base and the battery cover. After inserting the battery on both the radios, you can start using them after charging.

The dual charging dock that comes with this pair interchangeable, so you can change both the units. It takes up to a day for the device to get charged completely. You can then switch on this device by turning the knob present at the top. It would take some time for new users to navigate this device as there are many menus and sub-menus present. But the user manual and some google search will help you to get used to this radio quickly.

Range and Performance

The GXT10000VP4 has an advertised good 36-mile of communication range. Yes, it is possible to get this range without any obstacles and on a straight line. But in real life, you will get a decent communication range of 2-4 miles with real-life obstacles. If there are buildings, houses, and other heavy obstacles, then the communication range will further get reduced. But overall, you will not be disappointed with the range of this device.

The reception and transmission performance with this device is pretty good for the price. The audio quality that you get with the included headset is not great, but you can get better audio quality by using a good third-party headset with it.

Battery Life

The battery life with this model is not great as you would only get around 9 hours of usage time with the rechargeable battery. The good thing with this model is that it also works on the AA batteries. With this dual-charging feature, you can replace the rechargeable battery with the 4 AA batteries when the battery becomes low.

You will get a decent 15 hours of usage time with the AA batteries. We recommend that you get a pack of AA batteries when you are going on a trip with this model as the rechargeable battery doesn’t last long.


The display with this model is large and clear which gives you a good viewing angle from all sides. The red backlight present in the display automatically activates when the radio is turned on or when the buttons are pressed or when the device is not in use for long. Overall, the display is big and clear for you to see without any trouble at all angles.

Other Features

  • You get access to 50 channels with this device that comprises of 22 primary channels and 28 privacy code channels. You also get secured communication with it.
  • There is support for 142 privacy codes with this model for more channel options and enhanced privacy.
  • This model comes with JIS4 waterproof rating as it has resistance against water splash and dust.
  • The automatic channel scanning feature present in this device scans for active channels.
  • There are different power settings present in this device that works based on battery life. The high power setting gives you extra range but uses more battery. The low power setting gives you better battery life but the rage becomes shorter. You can use any one of either power settings based on the device battery life.
  • Emergency SOS siren present in this radio sends out a beep alert to emergency services when in trouble.
  • It has support for NOAA weather channel and alert.
  • The keypad lock present in this model helps to prevent accidental change of settings.
  • Group call, hands-free use, and whisper feature are some of the many functionalities present in this two-way radio.


This radio becomes easy-to-use once you get to know the navigation and menu options. Though it may be a bit difficult for novice users, the Midland GXT1000VP4 has various buttons and knobs for easy control over different functions. The buttons are big enough to operate easily along with volume and power knobs.

The menu has a lot of additional options with it, which may be confusing for many. We would preferred the menu options to be simpler, but a day or two using it will clear all your difficulties navigating the menu. The belt clip has a spring and holds the device firmly when not in use. The display is also good that produces clear text for easy reading. The usability of this two-way radio is good except for the complicated menu options.


  • The Midland GTX1000VP4 is a highly durable device.
  • It has support for dual power source (rechargeable battery & AA battery).
  • It is certified for water and dust-proof.
  • This device gives you NOAA weather alerts.
  • It has a decent communication range even with obstacles. Without any obstacles, you will get an excellent range with this two-way radio.
  • The display is large and clear.
  • The initial setup is quite simple and straightforward.


  • The range could have been better.
  • Battery life is a bit poor.
  • The menu is complicated to navigate at first.
  • The device is a bit bulky.


Apart from the battery life and menu options, everything is great with the Midland GXT1000VP4 two-way portable radio. With a decent communication range and a lot of useful features, you are getting a good two-way communication radio for the price. If you get past the battery life situation, you will not be disappointed with this purchase.

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