How to Boost Radio Signal in a Building?

Radios are a great device for communication with people. It comes with a lot of conveniences. They are easy to carry, have high battery backup, and give you the option to communicate when there is no cell reception. The only main drawback when it comes to communicating using a radio is the range. Various factors affect the range of the signal in radio communication such as your location, type of radio, antenna type, power output level, and more.

Being inside a building affects the signal a lot. The concrete and steel that forms the buildings interfere with the radio signal. Also, there will be many obstacles present inside a building than in an open field. So your radio signal does get affected a lot when inside a building. Using radio inside a building is a common scenario, so how do you get a good signal strength when using radio within a building?

Thankfully, there are a number of different techniques that you can use to boost the radio signal inside a building. Let us see those in this post.

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Things you can do to boost radio signal inside a building

External Antenna

The inbuilt antennas present on the radio are made as small as possible to make the radio compact and portable. In this case, you can buy an external antenna and mount it over the top of your building. In this way, you can increase the strength of the signal and reduce interference. Your radio will be connected to the external antenna, and you can communicate with others with the external antenna.

Local Repeater

A repeater is a device that receives the signal and transmits it with an increased range. You can buy a repeater and fit it in your building to extend your range. With a repeater, you can communicate even with obstructions such as buildings or trees. The repeater also acts as a base station for fleet communications. Repeaters work on two different frequencies – one for transmitting and the other for receiving. It amplifies and broadcasts the signal well, so it is commonly used in police departments, emergency services, commercial centers, and more.

You also need to make sure that the repeater is mounted at a high point in your building to reduce the interference.

Commercial Antenna

The antenna that you get with the radio device doesn’t offer the best signal strength, so you can purchase a quality commercial antenna to boost your radio signal. To further increase the signal strength, you can use the dual-band antenna and mount it on the top of your building. This will drastically improve the signal strength even when you are communicating from inside a building.


The above listed are some of the common ways of improving the radio signal strength inside a building. You can also set the power output to the maximum level in your radio, but it doesn’t improve much when you are inside a building. The only sure way to get a good signal strength is to buy an external device like a repeater or an antenna and mount it at the roof. Hope you got a good understanding of boosting the radio signal strength within a building from this post.

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