Ham Radio Kits for Beginners [The Must-Haves]

Ham Radios use the radio frequency spectrum to transmit information across long distances. With the use of a Ham radio, you get to listen to different communication from miles away. You learn new stuff from these long-distance communications.

Ham radios are also very useful in emergency situations when traditional communication goes down. If you are just starting your journey as a Ham operator, then you are in for quite a lot of activities that it will be hard for you to quit once you start. For starting out as a Ham operator and to listen/broadcast signals, you will definitely need a Ham kit. You can get into Ham for a little or a lot of money depending on your budget. Ham radios are also available in varying degrees of usage complexity.

As a beginner, it is better to get a Ham gear on a budget that doesn’t have a steep learning curve. Once you begin your journey with your ham kit, then you can learn more about it and buy expensive and complex gears in the future. For now, you need to know different ham radio kits and their usage. In this post, let us see the must-have ham radio kits for beginners.

Must-Have Ham Radio Kits for Beginners


The Transmitter/Receiver, jointly called Transceiver, is an important part of a Ham radio that is responsible for sending and receiving signals and messages. There are two types of transceiver models that you can choose from, and they are the handheld and portable transceivers.

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A Handheld transceiver model is highly compact and cheaper in price. They are also easy to use than portable ones as the whole unit can be held in your hand. As they are compact in size, they have a limited range of communication than portable transceivers.

If you just want a Ham radio for communication and are not serious about being a ham radio operator, then we recommend that you get this model. Some examples of this type of model are BaoFeng UV-822HP, Yaesu VX-6R, etc.

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Unlike the handheld transceiver, a portable transceiver cannot be held on hand as they are much bigger. They are also expensive and complex to use than the handheld transceiver model. The advantage that you get with this type of model is that it gives a good range of communication.

They can also be mounted on your cars for listening to the radio on the road. This type of radio can also be used as a base station to listen and broadcast signals from your radio room. If you are serious about being a ham operator, then we suggest that you get this model even though they are complex and pricier than the handheld transceiver.

Some good examples of this model are Icom 2300H, Kenwood TM-281A, etc.

Programming Cable

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Most beginners don’t give much significance to programming cable but a quality programming cable is an essential part of a ham kit. Ham radios have a port that allows you to connect it to a computer or laptop with the programming cable.

Programming a radio is like customizing your phone. You can program different functions to your radio to extend its capabilities based on your preference with the programming cable. Some radios come with a programming cable out of the box, so you can use that to program your radio.

Some radios don’t come with a programming cable, so you have to buy it separately and use them to customize your radio. Make sure that you buy a quality programming cable to get good use out of it.


Beofeng Beginners handheld HAM radio | Ham radio, Handheld ham radio, Two-way radios

Antennas, as you may have guessed, are used for transmitting/receiving signals on ham radio. The quality of range and communication depends upon the quality of the antenna that you have with the radio. Most of the handheld radio antennas are swappable, so you can swap the default antenna with a quality one if you are not satisfied with it.

It makes your radio better in communication range and quality. If you opt for the portable radio, then you get a whip antenna that comes with it. The longer the antenna size, the better the communication range you get with it. If you want to get the best communication range for your base station, then you must build your own antenna.

Though it is not recommended for beginners, you can save money and learn more by building your own antenna.


Adding a linear amplifier! How Much Will It Increase My Signal?

An amplifier is another part of a ham radio kit that is used to boost the signal strength if it becomes too weak to reach the receiver. You can only use a maximum of 1500 watts on channels or frequencies for boosting your communication by the law.

If the transmission/reception signal is weak to communicate with another ham radio operator even after the maximum watts, then you must use an amplifier to boost the signal. For a beginner, you can use an analog amplifier as it is cheap and not much complicated to use. Some good examples of ham radio amplifiers are BTECH’s AMP-V25, SMSL SA50 TDA7492, etc.

Switching Power Supply

120VAC to 12VDC 30 Amp Switching Power Supply | SEC-1235M

Switching power supply came as a replacement for the linear power supply unit as it has many advantages. The switching power supply is much compact, less pricey, and efficient than the linear power supply unit.

But it produces a humming noise when it is functioning and maybe a nuisance to some. With a switching power supply unit, you can convert the input 110/220 AC voltage to 12V DC output voltage. This is useful if your gadget can only function with a 12 Volts DC voltage as many amateurs radio does.

Normally, many of the ham radios come with a power supply unit but it is best to get one as it offers various functionalities and advantages. Some of the good examples of switching power supply units are TekPower’s TP350, Samlex’s SEC-1235M, etc. You can get these from online or traditional hardware stores easily.


The above-listed are the important items that should be present in ham radio kits. You don’t need to spend much to get these as they are readily available from different stores for a bargain price. You can get started with the ham radio easily and learn the basics of it as it is very important for a ham radio operator.

Even if you have some difficulties working with them, you can search for it online or contact veteran ham radio operators. There are many resources available online and it has been never been easier to get into ham radios as a beginner. We hope this post gives you some knowledge about important items in a ham radio kit.

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