Galaxy DX 959 Review (CB Radio) – Ready Before You Buy

CB (Citizens Band) Radio Service comes under the personal radio service that is used for both personal and business use. CB radio differs from the ham radio in how it is used. Ham radio is mostly used for long-distance communication by professionals while the CB radio is used by normal people as a hobby.

In the CB radio service, the models from the Galaxy radios are considered as some of the best in the market. The DX 959 CB radio model from Galaxy radios is one of the popular models that offer various advantages over other CB radios. If you are planning to buy the DX 959 CB radio from Galaxy radios, then you should read this post first as we get into the in-depth review of the DX 959 with its pros and cons.

Galaxy-DX-959 40 Channel AM SSB Mobile CB Radio with: Electronics

The Appearance of Galaxy DX 959

The physical size of the DX 959 is a bit big but you can easily install this CB radio in your car or anywhere with the included mounting hardware. A mounting bracket for the radio and the microphone is included with the purchase and you can easily install the radio without any difficulties.

The DX 959 has a large S/RF meter that makes it easy for you to read the readings accurately. The meter is also backlight, so you can easily read the values in the low light conditions too. There are also various knobs present in the front panel for various control features such as volume/power, RF Gain, TalkBack, Mic, Clarifier, etc. These knobs make it easy for you to control the radio.

Features of Galaxy DX 959

Variable Talkback

The talkback feature present in this CB radio allows you to hear your own voice as you talk through the radio. The talk back feature can be controlled using the dial present in the front panel. You can turn on this feature by pressing the dial and control it by rotating the dial.

The main advantage of the talkback feature is that you will know that your voice is transmitting if you are able to hear your own voice when the talkback feature is turned on.

Support for SSB, PA, and AM mode

The DX 959 is designed to support the three operating modes of SSB, PA, and AM. The SSB mode is more of an advanced version of the AM mode that works by supressing the carrier signal. Using SSB mode gives you less noise while giving you more range during your communication.

The SSB mode also uses the power and the bandwidth of the transmitter more efficiently than the AM mode, so it is good that the DX 959 has support for both the SSB and AM mode. InĀ  the PA mode, you can use the DX 959 radio as a public address system.

5 Digit Frequency Counter

The DX 959 has a 5 digit frequcy counter that makes it easy for you to read the values. This also gives you the option to expand the channel and the frequency capabilities of the radio. If you expand the frequency, the 5 digit counter will show the extra frequency that you have increased.

Good Transmission and Receive performance

You get a good performing transmitter and receiver with your purchase of DX 959. This CB radio is equipped with mosfet transistors with an average transmission output power of 5-8 watts. With this transmission power range, you get to have good communication with this radio.

The reciver is also good with this product. You won’t be disappointed with the transmission and receiver performance of the DX 959 CB Galaxy radio as it has the best hardware in the market. There is also noise/static reducing feature present with this device, so you will not find any difficulty communicating using this radio.

Other Features

The GNF (Galaxy Noise Filter) and ANL (Automatic Noise Limiter) present in this radio helps to reduce the noise while communication. The GNF limits the high-frequency noise with the weak signals, so you get to have good communication in the SSB mode. The ANL helps to reduce the static and the electric noise in the communication.

The Roger bleep adds a tone at the end of each transmission to let you and the reciver know the communication have been finished. This feature can be turned on or off by pushing the Mic Gain knob.

The RF Gain helps to pull in the weak signals during your communication. There is also dimmer to help you adjust the brightness of the display. Adjusting the dimmer helps you to read the values in the meter during night. You also get a toner and clarifier among other features with the DX 959 Galaxy CB radio.

Advantages of using the DX 959 radio

  • The CB DX959 radio comes with 5 digit frequency counter that helps you to expand the frequcy channels of this radio.
  • The DX 959 radio is easy to configure and setup. You can also set this radio in your car using the mounting hardware that is included with this purchase.
  • You get an excellent audio quality with this radio as it has a good tranmitter/receiver. There is also different noise control features with this radio that improves the audio quality of your commuication.
  • It has a big S/RF meter that makes it easy for you to read the values.
  • The DX 959 radio has support for the SSB mode that offer many advantages over the AM mode like efficient power and bandwidth use, etc.
  • There are differnt controls and knobs present in the front panel that helps you to easily control this CB radio.

Disadvantages of using the DX 959 radio

  • As it has a big S/RF meter, the physical size of this CB radio is big. You might find some difficulty using this radio in constrained space.
  • SSB drift happens with this CB radio when it is cold.
  • The control knobs could have been made from higher quality materials.


Packed with many useful features, the DX 959 model from Galxy radios is surely one of the best CB radios in the market. If you can get over the big size of this CB radio, then you will get most value by using the DX 959 CB radio from Galaxy radios.


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