Cobra 18WXSTII Review – Thing to Know Before Buy

The 18 WX ST II is 40 channel reliable CB radio made by the Cobra Electronics manufacturer. The 18 WX ST II is specifically made to be used in vehicles. With front-facing speakers and dual-channel monitoring, this CB radio model from cobra is a favorite among the RV and motorhome owners.

If you have been thinking about buying a CB radio to keep you company while driving, then you can certainly take a look at this model from Cobra. In this post, let us see an in-depth review of the 18 EX ST II CB radio with its features, advantages, and disadvantages, so you can decide whether it is the right fit for your automobile.

Cobra 18WXSTII CB Radio

Review of the COBRA 18 WX STII CB Radio


Thee Cobra 18 WX ST II has a sleek and solid look coming at just 7 x 1.88 x 6.5 inches, so you can easily mount this radio in your vehicle without it taking much space. A single-DIN radio slot is enough to mount this CB radio in any vehicle. The speaker and all the control knobs are present in the front panel of this speaker. The front panel also features dedicated buttons for accessing individual channels, squelch control knobs, volume controls, tuner control, and a dedicated weather button that gives you access to NOAA stations. All these controls are of a reasonable size so you can easily operate this CB radio without any problems.

Functionalities and Features of COBRA 18 WX STII CB Radio

Initial Setup

The Initial installation setup with the Cobra 18 WX CB radio is simple and straightforward. You won’t find any problems to set up this radio. You don’t get an antenna with the purchase of this device, so you should buy one externally and install it to be used in your car. You should also buy a coax cable, an antenna spring, a quick disconnect, and an SWR meter to install this radio. To fit this CB radio in your car, you can use the ‘U’ shaped mounting bracket with a single DIN radio slot.

Weather Functionality

This CB radio features a dedicated weather button to get access to weather information instantly. You get real-time weather updates from 10 most important NOAA weather channels with this radio. This functionality comes really useful when you are planning a road trip to a remote place, and you are in need of weather information during the trip. You also get early weather warnings with this radio, so you can plan your trip accordingly.

STS Functionality

The STS (Sound Tracker System) functionality present in this radio helps to erase and reduce the noise & interference generated due to radiofrequency. The STS minimizes the noise both in the incoming and outgoing transmission, so you get good quality communication with this radio. If you are traveling through a busy area where the RF interference is high, then this feature comes in handy to reduce those interference to get quality communication. This feature applies to weather alerts too, so you get critical weather information without any noise or interference.

Transmission Range

The COBRA 18 WX STII CB Radio gives you a decent transmission range, so you shouldn’t worry about any transmission range problems with this radio. You can expect about 3 miles of transmission range with this radio on normal days. This transmission range is ideal for communicating with others in the traffic while you are traveling. The transmission range also varies depending on the type of antenna you purchase, weather conditions, and the environment. If you get a good quality antenna, then your transmission range will be more than 3 miles in a perfect environment. The range offered by this CB radio is impressive considering the price of it.

Auto-Scanning Functionality

The auto-scanning functionality really comes in handy with this radio. The COBRA 18 WX ST II CB Radio is capable of scanning all the 40 CB frequencies automatically. After scanning the frequencies, this radio is capable of narrowing the band that is actually being used. A small problem with this radio is that the display becomes dim at times when you want to check the profile of the frequency that is narrowed after the automatic scanning feature. Overall, the auto-scanning feature is really a good feature to have on this CB radio.

Advantages of COBRA 18WXSTII CB Radio

  • This CB radio comes with a squelch control feature.
  • The compact size of this CB radio makes it easy for you to mount on your vehicle even if space is constrained.
  • You get a decent transmission range with this radio.
  • The microphone cord is lengthy with this CB radio.
  • It comes with a dual-watch monitor and it is easy to use.
  • You get instant access to important NOAA weather channels with a touch of a button. You also get early weather warnings with this radio.
  • This CB radio is highly durable and it will give you a long life.


  • The display is dull and outdated, so it will be difficult for you to read the screen unless if you are directly looking at it. It makes it hard to use the radio while driving.
  • The sound coming from the speaker is not good. You have to raise the volume to a very high level to get a decent sound from the speaker. You can solve this problem by using an external speaker or car speaker.
  • Accessories like the built-in SWR meter, antenna, and other are not included with the purchase of this radio. You have to buy these accessories externally and install them to use with this radio.


The 18WXSTII CB radio from cobra is really popular among casual for good reasons. You get all the basic features that you require with a CB radio for a decent cost with this one. The size is also compact, so you can easily set up and use it in any place you want. It is durable and easy to mount with a sleek design, which makes it a perfect CB radio to use it in your car while traveling. If you could just get over some disadvantages of this radio, the 18WXSTII CB radio from cobra will be the best device for your automobile.



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