Best Portable Radio For FM Reception

FM radios are still the go-to way to enjoy good music while on the road trip. Even in the modern world where podcasts and Spotify have taken over, FM radios are still thriving to deliver sensational music and shows to its listeners. Portable FM radio is a great device to invest your money if you are interested in listening to music on the move.

Portable FM radios have great battery life despite their size and will give your phone the necessary break while on the road. The portable FM radio also acts as an MP3 player, alarm clock, flashlight, and much more so they give you versatile functionality.

There are many FM radios from different brands and in this post, let us see some of the best FM radios that you can buy right now.

Best Portable FM Radios

1) Sangean PR-D5BK

Sangean PR-D5BK AM/FM Portable Radio with Digital Tuning and RDS...

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This FM radio from Sangean is one of the best portable devices that you can find, which is packed with a lot of useful features. The sturdy build of this compact radio gives it a long life. The 200mm Ferrite AM antenna bar gives this radio excellent reception quality. With the stereo speaker present on this radio, you will have good sound quality listening to it.

The LCD display present on this radio makes it easy for you to read the texts at any time as it includes a backlight. Along with these features, you also get 10 memory presets, a battery life indicator, a 3.5mm AUX port, and more with this purchase.


  • It comes in two colors (black and white).
  • It has support for RDS protocol, which gives this radio a better digital transmission.

2) DreamSky Mini Portable FM Radio

DreamSky Mini Portable FM Radio, Alarm Clock Radio with Earphone,...

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The DreamSky mini is the most portable and affordable FM radio that you can keep in your pocket. The compact size and weight of this FM radio make it easy for you to carry anywhere in your pocket like the iPod. It also has a neckstrap to wear this radio on your neck, so you don’t lose it. Powered by 2 AAA batteries, you will get decent battery life with this one.

The LCD display is wide and good enough for you to view the texts clearly without any trouble. With a minimal form factor and design, this is easily one of the best portable FM radios that you can get for the money.


  • It has alarm clock functionality.
  • It comes with a battery power indicator that alerts you when the power drops below 25%.

3) Panasonic RF-2400D AM/FM Radio

Panasonic Portable AM / FM Radio, Battery Operated Analog Radio,...

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The Panasonic FM radio is a portable and easy-to-use device that has great performance and features going for it. It comes with a large speaker that will give you high-quality audio when listening to it. The ferrite antenna complements the good speaker by giving this radio good reception quality. This device also includes support for headphones, so you can listen to the songs privately on your earphones.

Powered by 4 AAA batteries, this portable radio will give you a long time of good audio listening experience. With a good set of features for the price, you will not regret buying this FM radio from Panasonic.


  • It has a good speaker system.
  • It has support for a headphone jack, dual AC/DC power supply, and removable power cord.

4) Sony ICF38 Portable AM/FM radio

Sony ICF38 Portable AM/FM Radio (Black)

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This radio reception device from Sony comes in a portable form factor that you can take it anywhere easily with you. The large built-in speaker present on this device will give you a great sound quality listening audio from it. The tone control switch and LED tuning indicator will make it easy for you to change the frequency of it.

This dual-powered(AC/DC) radio reception device has a great many features to make it a justifiable buy for the money.


  • This device will give you up to 60 hours of listening time with the 4 AA batteries.
  • It has support for the headphone jack.

5) Rolton W405 Portable Mini FM Radio

Rolton W405 Portable Mini FM Radio Speaker Music Player TF Card...

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The Rolton Portable FM radio is a compact device that comes with a stereo speaker to give you good quality audio. This radio also features an MP3 player that has the support for TF card and USB cable, so you can listen to your favorite songs from your memory card or your computer. The number-buttons present on this radio will give you the option to directly enter the frequency you want on this radio.

With a good set of features for the money, the Roltaon FM radio is a great portable FM radio that you can buy without any second thoughts.


  • It features a child lock and it makes it safer for children to play on it.
  • It also has a flashlight function for emergency situation.

6) LYNEX Hand Crank Emergency AM/FM Radio

NOAA Weather Emergency AM/FM Radio for Solar Hand Crank Self...

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The Hand crank emergency radio comes with a 2000mAH rechargeable battery and it provides up to 6 hours of radio time. It gives you 3-ways to charge this device apart from the included micro-USB port. You can also charge this device by either solar charging or manual hand crank. This compact FM radio comes with support for the NOAA weather channel, so you can also receive emergency news broadcasts.

With numerous features and charging options, the Lynex hand-crank emergency is one of the best portable FM radio that you can buy for the money.


  • It has support for flashlight and SOS alarm.
  • It is a versatile, multi-purpose radio.

7) Retekess PR12 Mini AM/FM Radio

Retekess PR12 Digital Radio, Pocket Radio AM FM, Mini Radio with...

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The Retekess AM/FM radio is a compact and portable device, which you can take it anywhere without any problem. This digital radio has a powerful speaker with support for the TF card to listen to your favorite songs. The DSP technology present on this radio will give you a good radio reception. With a built-in 500mAh battery capacity, you will get a good battery life out of this one. Overall, the Retekess portable FM radio will be a great purchase for your money.


  • The LCD display present on this radio is built with the backlight.
  • The speaker quality is good relative to the size of this device.

Buying Guide for FM radio

Some Important Features to look out fr when buying an FM radio are,


A separate antenna present on the radio will improve its reception. Even if you get a portable FM radio, make sure you get one with an antenna as you will need it on your camping or hiking trip. If you just use your radio in your home where you get good signals, then a separate antenna may not be necessary.

Battery Life

Battery life is an important factor to decide when buying an FM radio. Various factors affect the battery life of your FM radio devices such as the display brightness, speaker power, and more. You should get a model that gives you at least five hours of radio time. It should also have at least two different ways to power up like the micro-USB port and replaceable AA battery.

Size and Form

If you wish to carry the radio on your road trip, then it should be compact and portable. The portable form factor will make it easy for you to carry it anywhere you wish. It will also don’t occupy much space in your bag and will not give you any difficulty while carrying it. If you don’t travel much, then you can buy a decent-sized radio instead of a portable one.

AUX input and other ports

With an AUX input, you can connect external speakers with the device to have a better quality sound output. You may also want to get a device with a headphone jack and SD card port. The device will allow you to listen to your favorite songs if you have an SD card. The headphone jack will give you the option to listen to the music from your headphones.


There is no substitute for listening to the FM station than the FM radio. You will get a good listening experience on your road or other adventure trips with a good quality portable FM radio. The above listed are some of the best portable FM radios that you can buy without any second thoughts. We hope this post with the buying guide helps you in choosing the perfect FM radio for your trip.

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