BaoFeng BF-F8HP Review – Specs, Features & Manual

BaoFeng radios are made for enthusiasts and commercial users alike because of their affordable price range and useful features. The BF-F8HP from BaoFeng is a dual-band, compact, and affordable radio that is packed with a lot of features to attract all types of radio users.

This radio gives you a better range, power, and performance than the UV-5R model as it includes the latest generation of chipsets. Not only it is better than the UV-5R, but this model also maintains full cross accessory compatibility with all the previous UV-5R accessories. If you already own a UV-5R or other older radios or new to the radio world, the BF-F8HP will be a fine choice. Let’s see the specifications and some interesting features of this radio.

Specification of BaoFeng BF-F8HP:

  1. Color – Black
  2. Weight – 286 grams
  3. Battery – 2000mAh, 7.4v, Li-ion
  4. Operating Frequency Range – 65-108MHz (for FM), 136-174MHz and 400-520mhZ (for transmission and receive)
  5. Operating Mode – Simple or Semi-Duplex
  6. Output Transmission Power – 1W or 5W or 8W
  7. Modulation Mode – 16k F3E/11k F3E
  8. Antenna Type – High gain dual-band 7″
  9. Channel Spacing – 25 kHz (wideband) and 12.5 kHz (narrowband)
  10. Included with the Box – The BF-F8HP radio, 7.4 2000mah Li-ion Battery Pack, Antenna, Belt clip, Hand strap, Earphone, Desktop charger, and manual


You get an in-depth 76-page manual out-of-the-box with this radio. The manual is present both in English and in Chinese. It gives you detailed instructions on the initial setup with this radio, battery maintenance, features, functions, and more about the BF-F8HP. The manual also includes an explanation of advanced topics such as scanning modes, dual watch, selective calling, customization, and programming. It may be daunting at first, but the manual is detailed well and easy to follow.

To initialize this device, you can download the CHIRP firmware to this device by connecting to your computer using an authentic BaoFeng programming cable. The initial programming process is explained in the manual, so you can read it to make the process easy.

Features of BaoFeng BF-F8HP:

3 power levels of transmission

The BaoFeng BF-F8HP comes with three transmission power levels that are adjustable based on your preference. There are 1 watts, 4 watts, and 8 watts of different power levels available. You can choose the 1-watt transmission power level to save battery but it covers less range. To get the best range from this device, you can set the radio in an 8-watt transmission power level. It consumes more battery, but your radio will operate at full capacity. The 4-watt level is the perfect middle ground that gives you a decent range for good battery life. The maximum output of 8-watt is twice the output power of the previous UV-5R model(maximum 4-watt output), so you get serious power capacity with this model.

The receiver’s performance is also quite good with this model, but the selectivity option is limiting. You will feel the limited selectivity issue when you are using this model in high RF activity regions. When you are camping or hiking, then you won’t feel any issue with this model. It also features CTCSS/DCS support and channel scan.

Bigger Battery

The BF-F8HP comes with a new battery pack that allows you to get the maximum life even when using it at high power. The larger 2000mAh battery capacity plus 1500mAh stock battery is 30 percent larger than the previous model. It gives you peace of mind when you are using it for too long. The battery life varies upon the transmission output level that you set it to, but you can expect this radio to last an average of 20 hours at an 8-watt level. For the 4-watt level, this radio will easily last you for more than a day.

High Gain V-85 Antenna and Newer Chipset

The versatile High-Gain V-85 Antenna lets you get the strongest possible signals with any channel that you are using. It is also compatible with the previous U5-5R accessories as it uses a basic SMA female connector, so you get a good-value radio with the BF-F8HP. This model is also equipped with N5R-340A firmware which is not available in other common models. The third-generation chipset present with this radio helps you to reduce the AGC switching noise. It also boosts the sound quality during communication.

Tri-Color Display

This radio features a tri-color display that gives you three different colors (Blue, Orange, and Purple) for you to set on it. You can change its color based on your choice, so you get a high degree of visibility at any time of the day. You can also see the battery level left in your radio on this display by pressing and holding the zero key.

Programmable Design

You can customize the overall functionality of this radio with the OEM software. With an easy to use OEM software, you can set the functionality of this device that meet your needs. Instructions regarding the use of programming are detailed in the manual, so you can easily set it up.

FM Radio

This radio device supports the FM frequency level(65-108MHz), so you can listen to the FM radio for entertainment while you are on the road. It will not be useful when you are hiking or going on an adventure as there will be no station nearby, but it is good to have.


The BaoFeng BF-F8HP features a standard case similar to all the radio design that you find in the market. Weighing less than 300 grams, this radio is a highly portable one. It measures only 10.5 by 2 by 2 inches in dimension, so you can easily carry it anywhere you need, You can also fit this radio in your hand using the included hand strap, so it doesn’t fall out and get damaged.


  • You can customize all the aspects of this radio using the OEM software. You can set this radio that works based on your wish.
  • The included larger battery significantly increases the lifetime of this device when compared to the previous models. You no longer have to constantly recharge your device as this radio can easily last a day.
  • It comes with three different power levels for you to choose based on the situation. It has 1, 4, and 8-watt levels of output transmission power.
  • This radio can transmit and monitor different bands such as GMRS, FRS, Marine, and Business bands.
  • You can track and listen to two channels at the same time as it features 2-Channel tracking.
  • It comes with a microphone, so you can issue a voice command to it when you are busy with your hands.
  • It gives you good sound quality by reducing noise as it has a new third-generation chipset.
  • This device comes in a portable size factor which makes it easy for you to carry around.


  • There is a limited receiver selectivity option with this radio which makes it an issue when using in high RF activity region.


The BF-F8HP has a lot to offer in a portable form factor. The bigger battery, customizable color display, adjustable transmission levels, and FM radio support makes it enticing. It can be used by normal consumers during hiking, camping, or skiing as it is easy to use. It can also be used by enthusiasts as it can be programmed and customized to make it fully functional. This balanced set of features makes it a good radio for all kinds of users. With good value for money, it is hard not to recommend the BF-F8HP radio from BaoFeng.

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